Introducing: Podemos Leer

An app for basic literacy instruction in Spanish


Podemos Leer is an app especially designed to provide offline basic literacy instruction in Spanish. Instruction is based on the Laubach Way to Reading, a time-tested curriculum that has enabled millions of adult learners to become literate in more than 300 languages.


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Features of Podemos Leer:

  • Content uses Laubach Way to Reading, a time-tested methodology from ProLiteracy that has allowed learners from around the world to read in over 300 languages.
  • Reinforces basic literacy skills, focusing on sound-symbol relationships, decoding of syllables, and practice of word blends.
  • Offers a total of 9 Units: 8 based on syllables instruction and 1 based on numerical instruction.
  • Designed to be a self-paced tool for individuals, and organizations, NGOs, and governmental agencies that implement literacy programs for youth and adults.

About Podemos Leer - English version

About Podemos Leer - Spanish Version