If you’re interested in making a donation, or you have questions that we haven't answered below,
please contact Amanda Wilson at

Where do proceeds from this sale go?
All proceeds from the sale will support ProLiteracy’s goal of improving the lives of 1 million adults annually through increased literacy skills and access to educational programs and the development of effective resources. 

When do books need to be donated by?
In-kind donations, such as books, need to arrive at ProLiteracy’s headquarters no later than August 16, 2021.

What genres will be included in the Great American Book Sale?
All genres are welcome to participate. If you are an author or publisher, reach out to Amanda today.

How can I support literacy if I don't have much money?
So many ways! You can volunteer for a location adult education organization, set up a monthly donation for the amount of one of your usual cups of coffee, or even follow @ProLiteracy on your favorite social media platform and share some of the latest research, an infographic, or a link to   

I am an author interested in participating in the 2021 sale.
How can I become involved?

Please email Amanda Wilson, annual fund manager, at for more information.  

How many copies can I donate as an author
We recommend that donated books be recent, published within the last five years. We prefer to receive no more than 1-5 copies per title, in order to make the offerings exclusive.

My books are shipping from a different location, and I will not be able to physically sign the books. How can they be signed?
No worries! ProLiteracy has Great American Book Sale bookplates available, if needed. 
The bookplate is a sticker with space to sign and write a short message to the reader. When we receive the signed bookplates, ProLiteracy staff will affix them to the books prior to shipping. Bookplates MUST be received at least one week before the sale begins to ensure the books are ready for the sale. 

I am donating books/sponsoring the sale. What else can I do to help?
Help us promote the sale! We found that authors/publishers/sponsors who marketed or shared content about the sale helped their titles reach the hands of readers faster! A toolkit is available, and new content is being added to help you.

Can I return any books?
No. All sales are final.